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Bury Common Transfer

Newport Pagnell Town Council have been approached by several members of the public concerned about the formal notice placed in last week’s Milton Keynes Citizen regarding the “disposal” of Bury Common by Milton Keynes Council.

Residents can be assured that this is a necessary notice required because MK Council are enacting the long discussed transfer of the common to the Newport Pagnell Town Council under a Community Asset Transfer arrangement (CAT).

There is no planning application for anything on any part of the land which is and will remain designated as “Common land” and is managed with the commoners’ association.

The land remains in public ownership but by transferring from the borough to parish (town) council, this places the management of the area closer to the public.

Newport Pagnell Town Council has previously taken on a number of other assets from MK Council on this basis including the vast majority of parks and play areas in town two years ago, this has enabled the town council to improve maintenance and facilities.

“Bury Common is a wonderful open space full of history and accessed directly from our town centre.

I’d encourage anyone who has not visited the common to come and enjoy a walk there and to use the opportunity to also visit our high street where there are fantastic shops and places to eat and drink.

There is always a good reason to be in Newport Pagnell.”

Councillor Paul Day, Newport Pagnell Town Mayor