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Gateway Welcome Signs

Milton Keynes Council and Newport Pagnell Town Council worked together to complete the installation of Town Gateway Welcome Signs. The project was implemented after a fund available only for art work was granted to Newport Pagnell Town Council. The Town Council decided that the Gateway Signs would make best use of the money and worked directly with an artist to develop them.

Newport Pagnell Gateway sign representing coaching

A shortlist of designs were then shared with the town through NPTC website, Town Talk magazine and in person at the annual public meeting and based on the feedback from townsfolk, the Councillors made the final decision.

All the Town Gateway Signs have inserts and solar lighting installed to make them easier to see, this amendment was made after the initial installation, as the signs were too difficult to see.

The Gateway Signs can be found on every road which leads into the Town, Each of which illustrates a different part of Newport Pagnell’s history. 10 designs were originally proposed with only 7 being created.

The proposed designs and concepts for the Gateway Signs
The original 10 proposed ideas.

Gateway Sign Locations

  • #1 PrioryNorth Crawley Road
  • #2 LacemakingRenny Park Road
  • #3 Aston MartinLondon Road
  • #4 CoachingHigh Street, North Bridge
  • #5 Civil WarWolverton Road
  • #6 Services Little Linford Lane
  • #7 VellumMarsh End Road

The selected 7 signs represent Priory, Lacemaking, Aston Martin, Coaching, Civil War, The Service Station and Vellum with Iron Bridge, Taylor’s Mustard and the Town logo unfortunately missing out.

If you want to see the signs for yourself, Check out our interactive map below to see the exact locations of each sign.

For more information about the Design process and concept please the Heritage-Interpretation website.