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Taylors Mustard

Taylors Mustard was formed in 1825 in premises next to the old Fire Station in the High Street (25/27) by William Taylor. Taylor who was born in Hampstead Norris near Newbury was originally a chemist and developed his own unique recipe, a closely guarded secret, and produced the first English mustard to be sold ready prepared. He moved into 34 High Street a few years later and founded his factory in Union Street, where Taylors Mustard was then made for over 170 years.

In 1863 a Deed of Partnership was made between William’s son’s, Thomas Taylor and Frederick James Taylor as follows: Whereas William Taylor the father of Thomas and Frederick Taylor for many years carried on at Newport Pagnell the trades or businesses of a Chemist and Druggist and Soda Water Manufacturer as well as a dealer in Oil and Colours on the 31st day of December 1862 decided to relinquish and deliver unto his sons the business. Thomas and Frederick James will become and continue partners in the business and will continue under the Style or Firm of “T & F.J Taylor” at the said house and premises late their father’s. The partnership shall Bank with Messieurs Bassett & Son & Harris of Newport Pagnell.

When the factory closed in 1990, the mustard business was sold to Mr Ross Southwell and the company became Taylors Speciality Foods Ltd. It was he that moved the business to Cheshire and later sold it to Walter Black Foods Limited, Glasgow. Mr Southwell has told us that it isn’t now made with exactly the same ingredients as it was originally. Some of the salt has been removed and replaced with citric acid but it still has its traditional hot but smooth taste.

Content Source: MK Heritage