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Temporary Road Closure – Wolverton Road

Public notice for temporary road closure of Wolverton Road which will take place between 21:00 and 06:00 every night between 2nd November and 30th November.

The order will be to temporarily prohibit vehicles and pedestrians from entering, waiting or proceeding along Wolverton Road, Newport Pagnell (At the M1 Bridge) in order to enable Highways England to carry out the following essential works as part of the ‘M1 T3 Smart Motorway’ project.

  1. Installation of temporary protection above the road.
  2. Installation of environmental barrier panels to the bridge parapets.
  3. Removal of the temporary protection above the road and in the interest of public safety.

The road will be re-opened to the pubic during the hours of 6:00 and 21:00 each day.

Alternative Routes

Motorists: The alternative route will be via Brickhill Street (V10), Monks Way (H3) and Marsh End Road (Vice Versa).

Pedestrians: The alternative route for Pedestrians will be via Redway 02, Blakelands and Redway 01.

Newport Pagnell Library Reopening

Newport Pagnell Library will reopen on Tuesday 4 August 2020. Opening hours will be:

  • Tuesday – Friday: 10:00 – 16:00
  • Saturday: 10:00 – 12:00

They will provide a basic book lending service where customers can borrow and return books but not remain inside the building. Customers will also be able to reserve books online before they visit, to reduce the amount of time spent in the building.This is a trial to see how things go.

Cllr Jane Carr Newport Pagnell South via Facebook

Footbridge at Chicheley Street

Newport Pagnell Town Council have announced that the footbridge on the public right of way to the East of Chicheley Street is due to be replaced.

Works are scheduled to begin w/c 7th September and will take up to two weeks. A closure of the route will obviously be required for this time.

The structure will be hardwood and width increased to 1.5 improving both accessibility and the aesthetics.

Statement posted by Newport Pagnell Town Council via their Facebook Page.

Play areas are re-opening from July 4th

Newport Pagnell Town Council have announced that play areas will be re-opening from 4th July 2020. Additional precautions have had to take place due Covid-19 which are:

  • Please wash your hands after visiting the play area and bring sanitiser with you to use regularly while at the playground.
  • Please give each other room and keep socially distanced from others. If there are more children in the play area than there are pieces of equipment, please go home and return later. No one over the age of 7 in any fenced play area.
  • We recommend the use of face masks when using play areas.
  • Please keep socially distanced when using benches.
  • To ensure everyone gets a turn please restrict your use of the play area to no more than 45 minutes.
  • Please dispose of any rubbish sensibly.

The Town Council has spray washed all playgrounds during the shut down period, but obviously cannot guarantee that there will be no risk of Covid-19 at any time. Please take these precautionary measures.

Statement posted by Newport Pagnell Town Council via their Facebook Page.

Measures to Allow High Street to Reopen Safely

As most people will know the Government is allowing the opening of non-essential shops from Monday 15th June.

What many people will not know is that the Government has placed a duty on Milton Keynes Council to ensure that shops can open safely, ensuring social distancing. They also have a duty to aim to prevent a further outbreak. To that end MK Council will be introducing safety measures throughout Milton Keynes’ key shopping areas, including Newport Pagnell High Street.

To make the High Street safer for pedestrians, and allow social distancing, temporary measures will be put in place to restrict vehicle access to the High Street between Union Street and Ousebank from 9am to 5pm to allow residents to walk on the road safely to bypass queues on the narrow pavements waiting to access shops. This means parking bays will also be closed.

Buses will still be allowed access, and delivery vehicles between 7am and 9am and 7pm and 9pm. Additional parking bays for disabled badge holders will be in place at the edges of the restriction pedestrian zone.

Diversion routes will be as commonly used during events, ie Union Street and North Square towards Northampton and Ousebank/Riverside in the other direction – this will become one way.

HGVs shouldn’t be using the High Street as a through route anyway and should use the by-pass.

Signs will be erected to direct people and to remind residents about this importance of social distancing.

Due to the very short notice given to the Council by the Government some of the signage may to temporary while the proper signs are being made.

The Council also plans to help promote local businesses.

There will be Councillors and Council Officers in High Visibility Vests on site for the first few days to help people get used to the changes.

Douglas McCall


Newport Pagnell Allotments are currently open, if you are already a tenant please feel free to visit your plot but please observe current government guidelines regarding social distancing to help limit the spread of the virus.

Please note that the government could change its guidance at any time and it is possible that allotments could potentially be closed at a later date, so please continue to monitor The Town Council website for up to date information.

Newport Pagnell Town Council

Parks and Play Areas

Please be aware that although our parks remain open the play areas in them are not and should not be used.  All our sports grounds are closed.

Should you not follow the guidance around use of parks for brief exercise periods only we will unfortunately be forced to close the parks.  Please remember that Buryfield Common can also be used for exercise and to walk dogs, but the principles in Government Guidance are that you should walk or run to your place of exercise, not drive.  

Newport Pagnell Town Council

City Fibre Broadband work to continue

City Fibre will soon be back at work installing fibre optic cabling in Newport Pagnell, starting after Easter. Their break follows a nasty attack on their staff. Newport Pagnell Town Council would like to remind people that these workers are regarded as key workers by the Government, and are fully entitled to be undertaking their job in the current COVID-19 outbreak. Broadband communication will be critical to the ability of the economy to regenerate after the outbreak is over, and is also key in terms of improving emergency contact with the NHS.

Newport Pagnell Town Council

Town Council Offices to close due to Covid-19

Sadly, owing to Covid-19, the Town Council has had to close its Town Centre office, but we are still very much available to the public. Our central phone line is being redirected to our receptionist’s home phone, and our email addresses are all still in use. Councillors can be reached at any time, via their contact details on our Town Council website.

Meetings and events have been suspended for the time being. If you would like to comment on any planning application in your area, please just send us an email, and we will make sure your comment is considered. We will endeavour to keep grass cut in parks, to the best of our ability during these circumstances, but it very much depends on whether our contractor can field a grass cutting team. Of course all play areas are closed for the moment.

The Town Council is involved in the volunteer response to Covid-19 and you should soon be getting a message through your door advising you of whom to contact if you need help or wish to volunteer. Our thanks to the great team at Newport Pagnell Chit Chat on Facebook, for co-ordinating the volunteers for this response and doing all the work.